Look at My Plants

(Clockwise from Aloe Vera: Sedum, Coralbells, Aeonium, Moon Cactus, Ajuga)

This is gonna be where I put pictures and updates and stuff about my plants. This picture is from a while ago when all these were new. They are all now in appropriate pots and soil, and in more appropriate locations (I had just put them all together up there temporarily to protect them from the little plant eating beast whose tail can be seen in the bottom right).
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Kevin the Hedgehog

I thought everyone might benefit from looking at my hedgehog.

His name is Kevin, he's about 4-5 years old. He needed his nails trimmed the other day so I gave him a foot bath to make it easier.


Sonia Caramello: Three Legged Beauty

Originally posted by anti_pineapple at Sonia Caramello: Three Legged Beauty

(This is a post I originally made on Kittypix that I'm reposting here so everybody can see :)

Hello Kittypix community! I'm new here and would like to introduce you to my cat: Sonia. She is a little 3 year old orange/gray torbi who is missing a leg due to an unknown event before we met.
More about her (and more pictures) under the cut!
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